To the stars! – review of Sébastien ‚Sebdoom’ Pierre music

Who doesn’t likes Star Wars? Probably no man who likes science fiction, does not know this cult series. But not in the film itself we will find topics related to the exploration of space. Among the players is the Mass Effect series. Fans are arguing among themselves which of the parts are the best, but agree on the soundtracks of these games. The music was created by Sam Hulick and Jack Wall. However, it will not be a topic of this review.
Some time ago when I’m listening to soundtracks on YouTube I found a very interesting cover of one of the songs in Mass Effect 3. Cover was in the metal arrangement … The closest people know that I love ME and metal. Those created by Sebdoom are a combination of my passion.
Sebdoom, or rather Sébastien Pierre, is a young French graphic artist and musician in one. Orchestra man – i would say. It’s up to those people who, when they’re designing something, put all their heart into it. But beautiful covers, 3D models and animations are not all. Sébastien, apart from their two teams, focuses much on their own projects. One of them is the covers and interpretations of Mass Effect music. Imagine such a view:

Standing in the desert, the sand beneath your feet is rusty red. It’s hot, but by your suit you do not feel that much at all. Suddenly, a monster with a spike on its head and toothed jaws emerges from behind the rock. With two companions you are trying to beat him, but in the assault rifles the ammunition ends …
One of the people screaming to the ground …
The scenery is changing – you are in the ancient forest, smelling like the Amazon rainforest. Your ship has crashed and you have to talk to the natives or help you fix it. Unfortunately, not all are friendly …
Killing frost and snowstorms. You, yourself, examine the remnants of the ruins of alien civilizations. You must find all the glyphs …
Gray rocks.
Lots of stars over you.
Danger lurks around.
You are so small …
Welcome to Andromeda.
From the nearby radio in the docks this music resound:

What do you feel at this moment? Fear of the unknown? Excitement? Uncertainty, do you advise to create a new world and protect it? It is certain that thanks to Sebdoom’s music you will see all the pictures I have described before. And emotion- plenty of emotion. Crisp but melodious guitar riffs with drums combined with original music give an amazing impression. Metal music lovers admit that everything that will change the metal arrangement is much better. Well … In this case it is true. I thought Mass Effect soundtracks were already great, but when I got to know Sébastien’s work, I changed my mind. The classical soundtrack is also heavily imbedded in keyboards. Sometimes it feels like it’s a whole new song (if not for the excellent music knowledge of the game). For Sébastien OST is the only motivtion for creating something new, unique. These interpretations are the story told by Sebdoom. „I, as a Pioneer / Commander Shepard” – such a thought arises when we hear this music. For lay people and those who do not know the Mass Effect universe, it’s just very good music. What species would I assign it to? I think it’s something between emo, gothic and progressive metal. Much like the soundtrack itself, they are constantly changing the pace and adding „musical tastes”. The nicely chosen effects on the keys immediately suggest the theme of space and stars. Sebdoom catches these stars in their hands, their energy flows down into the instruments and creates new celestial bodies. An ongoing birth and death dance is in progress. Once the music keeps us spirited, at other times it is a tribute to the fallen. If not for obvious linkage with Mass Effect, Sébastien’s covers could be matched to many movies or even books (for example, „Gabriel” directed by Shane Abbess or Maja Lidia Kossakowska’s „Siewca Wiatru”).
Not all songs are strictly metal. The album „Mass Effect Andromeda Interpretations” is maintained in a more electronic environment that closely resembles the style of original soundtracks. Still, it does not lose its epic significance (because it’s a review on ArdeaART without the word „epic”). However, in this case, Sebdoom most departs from the original sound of the Andromeda soundtrack. Is that good? In my opinion, yes. Sébastien makes something entirely new. Something that may be appreciated and used in future games.
Who do I recommend the music of Sébastien Pierre? Mass Effect Fan-fans are for sure. But also lovers of light progressive metal, because Sebdoom’s music is so easily absorbed that it can be heard at any time of the day. Of course, however, I recommend, however, night and night (and even better under the open sky). Through a unique combination of electronics and traditional sound, fans of the soundtrack, club and metalcore music will find something for themselves.

This review is supplemented by short interview with Sébastien – I invite you to read also this 😊

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